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Art experts on the conceptual painter Simon Quendler.

Vienna Künstlerhaus

"The techniques he has developed himself, such as the “granulate mixing technique”, shift the boundaries of the artistic spectrum and demonstrate new perspectives"



"From fire, coal, bronze casts, canvases, piles of ash, water tanks and mountains of paint, works emerge that can be found in international museums, auction houses and galleries "


Holger Kempkens – Museum Director, Germany

"The subtle forms of expression, the unusual material (...) define the special character of this work by Simon Quendler"


 Klosterneuburg Art Collections - Wolfgang Christian Huber

"To start with, there is the technically sophisticated working method, which is an integral part of his artistic work. Where most artists nowadays rely on that which is supplied by conventional retailers, Simon Quendler starts off with a laborious and complicated materials-forming process, to which he devotes his entire attention, even if this is no longer visible to the viewer of the picture. He searches, he is a seeker, and one who is very ambitious: he is looking for the original colour, he seeks the original substance; he wants to find the philosopher’s stone. He tries to create new things, first by means of destruction, by tearing, grinding, burning, melting. He destroys structures, in order to then recreate them, or allow them to recreate themselves."


Hirsch Watch Collection - Robert Hirsch, China Expert

"Simon Quendler is an extraordinary artist, who places his creativity trustingly in the hands of barely controllable chemical processes. The result is a stylistic idiom of colour and form in an unpredictable aesthetic, which transcends both artistic and cultural boundaries. His involvement in the Chinese market will very soon confirm that."


Practice & Theory London

"From volcanic ash, the “immanence of things” is transformed


Kinsky Auction House

"In his studio he has developed many methods, with which he releases the essences from materials, in order to reveal the core of things, so to speak"


Diocesan Museum Bamberg, Germany:

"A brilliant contemporary conclusion to the exhibition currently on display at the Diocesan Museum of Bamberg"


State Museum of Lower Austria

"Historic patterns of seeing are to be brought back to the emotional source"


Sammlung Verbund

"By releasing the suspended particles in rivers with filter systems, Quendler creates new patterns of seeing that have never been there before"


Klosterneuburg Monastery

"In addition, oxidation – a presentation that appears during the exhibition, without any external influence – provides a new vitality and the figurative interpretation of the divine"


Curator Karl Holubar

"Simon Quendler’s work remains the human and his actions"


Hl Leopold Exhibition

"He experiments with the release of suspended particles by means of filter systems, in order to advance the search for the original colour"


So Weit Die Zukunft

"Simon Quendler addresses the idea of the original space, the transition from chaos to form and on to the spatial construct“


Aula der Wissenschaften

"Unusual technique“

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